Friday, October 21, 2011


Almost a month ago, during my kickboxing class, I tweaked my back and then went to spin the next day. My own fault, but I could barely walk the next day. it's finally starting to feel a little better, of course, since I just made an appt to go to the chiropractor.

The worst part of this whole injury is not being able to workout. I am usually at the gym three-four times a week in addition to running outdoors. So I feel like a huge part of me is missing and I can't say anything more than it sucks!!

I did swim a few laps last week and ran last weekend. Stretching has never been something I have ever been good about remembering, but I have made sure I stretched out.

I am hopeful that the chiro will be able to fix me. My primary doc said 3-4 wks before an MRI would be done and since it's about 85% better, I'd rather try something else first.

November is already full of races, rugged maniac and hopefully my spin certification. So I really have no time to be down and out.

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