Thursday, April 21, 2011

AW: Thirty Pounds Down!

This week I reached a huge milestone...


So many people have been asking me "what's your secret?", "how did you do it?", etc.  And honestly my answer should be that I bust my butt four days a week at the gym (2 spin classes, a weights class & kickboxing) two days at home (Yoga, running, or the Biggest Loser for Kinect) and one day for rest, and eat the best I can without depriving myself of a sweet now and then.  I also participate in an online community and owe much of my success to them for keeping me on track.

Has it been easy?  For the most part, yes, it has been.  I make it a priority to go to the gym and to plan healthy meals.  Life happens and I just can't beat myself up over a bad week.  It's about taking that week and making the next week better.

And this is it.  I am not going back to where I was.


  1. Congrats Pam! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!! You are awesome, and you definitely LOOK fantastic! xo