Monday, April 4, 2011

5k:: Paulette Steps Towards Cancer

Sometimes I doubt myself a little too much.  I felt really unprepared for this 5k which took place at Monmouth Battlefield State Park in Manalapan, NJ.  I was uncertain of the course and elevation, but knew it was hilly terrain because I grew up about 6 miles from the park and had visited the park before.

The morning of the run wasn't too great in our house - my husband wasn't feeling well and I had crazy nerves; I felt like a student who woke up to find out that the final was that day and didn't study.

But I knew this was for a great cause - colorectal cancer - and so my nerves had to be put behind me and many of my personal bests were achieved during this race.

As the race began, I had Scooter's Jump That Rock helping to pump adrenaline through me and over 200 of us were off running.  We did a quick loop, about 3/4 mile, and then a volunteer was directing the runners onto the dirt trails.  Yes, trails...sand, dirt, grass, through the woods, up and down hills.  And at that point, I couldn't turn back so I just had to trudge forward.  First mile, I hit at 11:50 - my fastest mile to date.   The second mile was about 25min & crossing the finish at 41:05.  My best 5k yet.

I was quite proud of my accomplishments during this run.  Running on pavement is what I am used to.  So to hit personal bests while running trails and especially trails that are uneven was awesome.

A definite proud moment of 2011!

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