Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Big Chill 5k

So my first [practice] 5k was the Big Chill 5k which was hosted through the Rutgers Recreation Dpt. in New Brunswick.  My best friend and I decided to run this 5k together.  Now, she was a cross country runner in HS so I knew she could kick my butt when it came to running.

At this point, I hadn't even completed my Couch 2 5k training yet. I was about a week away from completing it, but I didn't have the confidence yet, as I hadn't even run a practice 5k yet.  To say I was nervous would be a huge understatement.

We arrived to the run and I took notice of all the "professional" runners.  At this point not one positive thought was running through my mind.  Okay, I did have one positive thought - it's a walker friendly race so I definitely won't be the last person because I certainly didn't think I would be walking the whole 5k.

On your mark! Get set! GO! And thousands of people were off, running through the streets of NB.  My best friend and I were running on the sidewalk and then on the street and back onto the sidewalk as to not run anyone over.  My thoughts during this time include "what the heck did I get myself into & why?"  I was clearly not in a great state of mind when I signed up and agreed to this.

Oh, wait, here's the first mile marker already.  14 min.  Certainly better than I thought.  Then the 2nd mile marker, 28 min.  Wow.  I CAN do this.  The biggest rush of adrenalin came as we turned the last corner and the finish line was in sight.  So I finished in 45 minutes and ran about 95% of the 5k.

A wonderful sense of accomplishment.  I think I smiled the rest of the weekend.  I was just so proud of myself and still am.

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