Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back in the saddle...

With the winter ending the way it started, snow, ice and just all around treacherous running conditions, I found it hard to run through our town since many of the residents are not terribly considerate of runner .  While I took a hiatus from running, I started doing the Biggest Loser on XBox Kinect.

So today, as good of a day as any, I decided to run.  Honestly, while I was walking during my warm-up, I thought, "I will just walk around the block and do a workout at home instead" and "I'm just not feeling this today."  Obviously these thoughts were just that, thoughts and I let myself overcome them and trudged forward.  Taio Cruz's Dynamite came on my IPod and I just had this immense desire to run.  2.5 miles later in just over 30 minutes, I would call my first day back a success.  And damn, it felt amazing!

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