Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Superhero Oktoberfest 10k

This past weekend my husband and I raced in our first official 10k, the Oktoberfest 10k in Boonton, NJ.  Any race that offers beer at the end is automatically a fantastic race in my book, but we love Oktoberfest beers and food, plus it was his birthday weekend, so it was a great reason to run and celebrate another year!

I needed some new tunes for running this race. I was so bored of my other playlists and once I get bored of my music, my running suffers.  I found some new (to me) fun, motivating tunes that will also work for Spinning.  

My husband grew up a few miles from the race location and then we lived close by for another four years.  I drove on those roads quite often, and yet, I have no recollection of how hilly the course would be.  The course description said that it was a flat course, however, it was anything but...  Although the course had some steady elevation increases, it was a scenic and beautiful course.

The weather on Saturday morning was perfect.  A crisp, fall morning which warmed up by the start of the race.  The weather was quite possibly the best for any race I have run yet this year.  

It felt so wonderful to cross that finish line.  By the end of the race, my legs were on fire.  I hadn't run more than five miles in the past few months.  So I was proud of where I finished and look forward to hitting a new PR for a 10k in the next few months.

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