Sunday, May 19, 2013

Super Hero Half Marathon

This morning I ran the Super Hero half marathon as part of a relay team.  I ran the first leg of the course, which was just two loops through Morris Township and Harding Township by way of Loantaka Park.  A beautiful, scenic and hilly course  The first loop was 6.7 miles and the second was 6.4.  Wow.  By far the hardest course I have ever run and I was so thankful that I was a part of a relay team.

The weather was less than cooperative, but you have to make the best of the cards you are dealt.  It stopped raining for the start of the half and that lasted about 20 minutes. Then it never stopped raining.

It was a really fun race, despite the weather.  This race was definitely good competition for Comic Con; so many super heroes.  And in my opinion, costume or not, all of the runners are heroes to someone!

Check out my new shoes!  This was their inaugural race and first long run.  And worth every penny they cost.

Just before a huge hill & mile marker 6.

A soaking wet Captain America, but d-o-n-e!

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