Monday, January 7, 2013

BL14 - Challenge America:: Episode 1

Last night was like the Super Bowl in our house.. it was the return of Biggest Loser & more importantly, Jillian.  And Bob Harper said it best, "She's baaack!"

The people on the biggest loser have always inspired, but it wasn't until season 11 that I really became a super fan.  That partly has to do with the fact that I, too, was beginning my weight loss journey.  The comraderie between the cast was like no other.  I would have been happy with any Jay, Jen, Irene Hannah or Olivia taking the title of Biggest Loser.  Even though they were in the competition for themselves towards the end, they were still there to love, motivate, and support each other.  I am hopeful that season 14 will at least not be like last season.  BL 13 was, without a doubt, my absolute least favorite cast and if you watched it, you know why.

This is the first season that they have kids involved.  And with the way childhood obesity is continuing to rise, I think it's awesome that BL tries to combat it head on.  I was so impressed with the maturity and choices of these kids.  At 13 and 16 years old, they have so much courage to be on national tv and being the forefront of the conversation of childhood obesity.  Proud doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for these three! I will be cheering them on the entire way!

Before BL aired last night, I tuned into Dateline for some background noise while folding quite a few loads of laundry.  Al Roker was sharing his story about losing weight with gastric bypass, regaining and then completely changing his diet to shed the weight he gained.  He spoke about his struggles over the last ten years and for him to share that information is not only courageous, but inspirational and motivating for the rest of us.

No one is perfect.  No one is going to have the same journey.  No matter how much someone inspires you, your journey is going to be your own.  Be proud of who you are and your story. No one's else can tell yours.  The most important thing is to remember why you are losing weight and what works for you.

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